Saturday, 24 January 2015

VAREN roll out the Low cost latrine technology with UNICEF and DFID throughout Zambia

Our Story of Change on School Sanitation

Name of Project: Interim School Wash Project.

Funded by DFID through UNICEF- Zambia.

Piloted and up-scaled by: Vision Africa Regional Network – Zambia 

Title: Improved School Sanitation facilities a Motivation to Learners

A story from Mount Carmel Primary School


Experiences from the field
The Voice of the District Education Board Secretary (DEBS)
During the pilot phase the District Education Board Secretary commented on the need to adopt the newly introduced low cost technology in order to accelerate the sanitation improvement in schools with cost effectiveness. The DEBS office was highly excited with the introduction of this interim WASH standard which led them to request VAREN to upscale the work and help schools to realize the vision of providing quality education. The DEBS highlighted that due to poor sanitation facilities in most schools, teachers are de-motivated and even pupils especially girls who are at puberty during their menstruation.

The female Pupil’s voice about the newly constructed sanitation facilities
Catharine Banda a grade eight (8) pupil at Mount Carmel said that I never thought of using the school toilet because the situation was beyond explanation. At my school we are over 1,000 but only two latrines available which are being used by all grades from one to  Nine, imagine the situation, and at my age it is practically impossible because I feel insecure, shame and very uncomfortable. Since the  coming of these latrines I can’t hide my happiness and excitement. The dream of spending more hours at school and enjoying my learning has come true. The handwashing facility is just so amazing that  I feel like washing my hands all the time. Thank you to VAREN and your supporters UNIECF and DFID for the extraordinary work and gift you have given us.   

Written by: Jackson Mwenya
Executive Direction for VAREN

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